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The Impact Of Back To School On Your Pet At Home

During summer vacations, people tend to lavish their dogs with a lot of affection. With the kids out of school and home all day, your pooch enjoys the extra attention and constant activity like walks in the park or at the beach or just playing with sprinklers in the backyard. But when the kids return to school, your dog may feel a sudden lack of companionship. This is especially true if you work full time and are away from home during the day. 


If your dog is alone for long periods, he may become depressed or anxious. In fact, the sudden change in routine and lack of companionship can lead to separation anxiety, which affects about 15 percent of dogs in the United States.


Here is a look at the impact back-to-school month has on our four-legged friends.


Change In Routine

When school is back in session, everyone has new schedules. When it comes to your pets, these changes can affect when you feed them, walk them, or even schedule a vet appointment.


Even a tiny change in your routine can cause stress if it disrupts how you usually care for your pet. If you know that your schedule or routine will change, it's wise to plan ahead and get your pet used to the new order of things—it will make life more comfortable for everyone in the household.


Here are some tips to prepare your pup for a change in routine during back to school season:


  • Change your dog's bedtime and morning feeding schedule a couple of weeks before school starts. As well as helping your dog adjust, it will also help your children get back into school mode.
  • Don't leave the house in a dramatic way. Make it a subtle affair.
  • Leave your dog home alone for a few minutes before the school week to help them adjust to being alone. 


Less Time Spent With Their Favorite Human

With everyone's schedules getting busier during the fall, they will have less time to spend at home. Your pup gets lonely when the family is away for long stretches because it is unusual to be separated from his favorite humans. A pet that is left alone for long periods can become depressed. 


An excellent solution for this is to take your dog to doggy daycare. At doggie daycare, your dog can enjoy the company of other dogs and work off any pent-up energy while also getting used to a routine. 


Additional benefits of taking your dog to daycare include:

  • You can maintain a daily routine of walks and playtimes by entrusting your dog to daycare.
  • Having your dog at daycare will ensure he gets the daily exercise necessary for his overall health.
  • Daycare is a much safer alternative for your dog, especially if they tend to escape their crate or yard.
  • Your dog will be well-cared for by professionals, giving you peace of mind.


When a dog is well-exercised and cared for all day, he will naturally become tired. Tired dogs tend to be more content making everyone in the household happy during back-to-school transition time.


Take A Trip To The Atlanta Pet Resort To Combat Back-To-School Anxiety In Your Pet

If you need a place for your dog to spend the entire day or just need us to keep an eye on them for a few hours, Atlanta Pet Resort has you covered! We provide full-day and half-daycare services for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds.


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