We will gladly administer any medications with the exception of injections. Please bring all medication(s) in their original containers with your pet’s name clearly marked.

We kindly ask that owners provide us with the best method of administering their pet’s medication (pill pockets, cheese, etc.). Pill Pockets can be provided for an additional fee.

If your pet has dietary restrictions and/or allergies please provide us with something that is safe for them to eat with their medication.

Guests with a complex medication regimen or that have a low ease of administration may be subject to a Focused Care Fee


All guests staying at the Atlanta Pet Resort can choose from a menu of Nutro© brand food options for no additional charge. We offer a choice of Nutro Wholesome Essentials Lamb & Rice, Nutro Max Chicken, or Nutro Max Chicken Puppy.

You may also opt to bring your pet’s food that they are already used to. This is recommended for pet’s with sensitive stomachs or for pets that have dietary restrictions. We ask that owners provide an appropriate amount of food to last the duration of you pet’s stay and that it be in a sealed container or bag. Please note that we use standard measuring cups when preparing your pet’s meals.

You may also bring treats that will be given with meals or as instructed.

We have a full sized refrigerator/freezer for storage of fresh, raw, or canned food.

If you are concerned that your pet will not eat while away from you, please bring food that will entice them to eat (i.e. canned pet food, chicken, tuna, broth, gravy, etc.).


No matter the season, we provide lots of warm and cozy bedding for all of our guests at the Atlanta Pet Resort. Standard Resort Bedding consists of plush bath mats and fuzzy blankets and is provided for all pets at no cost.

For pets that require extra padding due to arthritis or other ailments, we can provide them with extra-thick Geriatric Bedding. This may be subject to a Focused Care Fee.

Guests are more than welcome to bring their own bedding to use during their stay as well. We just ask that bedding be something that can be easily washed. (See Guidelines →)

If you would like to bring a "pillow" bed, or a bed that has an insert and a cover, please wrap the inside stuffing with plastic before your arrival. This is so we can easily wash the bed if needed. Pillow beds that are brought without a plastic covering will be subject to a $5 Bed Waterproofing fee.

A Focused Care Fee may be added for the following conditions:

•Require assistance getting in and out of the run (due to joint ailments, age, etc.)

•Have a complex medication regimen or low ease of administration

•Have a complex feeding regimen 

•Require baths throughout their stay due to stepping/laying in eliminations

up to $5 per day, to be determined at drop off

Focused Care Fee